Indian Head Massage



This is a half hour treatment that strives to restore balance and inner harmony to improve overall physical and emotional health. This holistic treatment combines our Indian Head Massage, a tradition from a part of the eastern world and the use of natural crystals from the universe, helping revitalize your own energy and balance the 7 chakra systems in your body.

Foot Reflexology



By applying pressure to the reflexes in the feet, tension is release, circulation is improved and the body is assisted in regaining its state of harmony and balance.

Reflexology with hotstones



The hotstones allows the body to go into a deeper sense of relaxation. Great for the winter to warm up the feet and stimulate the immune system for a better healthier you.

Deluxe Holistic Treatment



This holistic includes an Indian Head Massage, Reflexology on the hands and feet. It will guarantee a feeling of peace, harmony and tranquility.